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Even for some of the most passionate and well intentioned dog owners, properly training their dog can be too great of a challenge. With the recent spate of incidents in the UK involving under or poorly trained dogs, it has become increasingly important for dog owners to access quality training programmes delivered by expereinced qualified trainer/behaviourists.


Our work in this field has helped hundreds of families obtain a better insight into their dogs behaviour and produce a better behaved family pet.

Our passion for mans best freind has inspired us to offer affordable training/behaviour to all families, so that fewer dogs exhibit unfreindly or aggresive behaviour, which not only puts family members and others at risk, but also jeapordises the wellbeing of the dog.


Below are the services we provide:


1 to 1 Dog Training programmes:

  • Puppy Training - This includes how to socialise and train your puppy through positive reinforcement, thus preventing many training and behavioural problems in the future.
  • Adult Dog Training - This includes how to retrain a dog that has developed bad habits. 

        Cost of training is £10 per session


1 to 1 Dog Behaviour Programmes:

  • We will develop a bespoke programme to correct behavioural problems your dog has developed over time. These include destroying the house, aggression, anxiety, barking, toileting problems, the list is endless that is why we set the programme to the individual dog. We only use positive reinforcement methods in all our training/behaviour programmes.

        Cost of the behaviour programmes start at £10 per session


Clicker Training

  • Our clicker training courses are designed to teach the owners how to train their dog. This training is for owners only, no dogs are allowed on the course as we use our demonstration dogs. Clicker training is one of the most effective ways to train or re-train your dog as it is a consistant positive sound that the dog recognises.

        Clicker training is held at our centre in Leyland for groups of up to 10.


        Each two hour session will cover:

  • How the clicker works
  • Why the clicker works
  • Introducing clicker training to your pet
  • Pitfalls and problems
  • Some Practical Applications

        Cost £8 per person

        Please contact us for details of our next course.


Pre-Ownership Course for Prospective Dog Owners


Are you thinking of getting of a puppy or have a puppy under 12 weeks? If yes this course is for you.

The duration is 1.5 hours and no dogs are allowed.

You will be given information on owning a dog and early training and behaviour techniques, as the first few months of a puppys life shapes its future.


Maximum 6 people on each course


Cost £10 per person


Please contact us for details of the next course

Public Sector Training

This training is for employees that during the course of their job, come into contact with dogs. The training will help the staff understand the dogs behaviour including:

  • How to enter properties in a safe manner with consideration to the dogs
  • How to behave around dogs in public places whilst performing their work duties
  • How to defuse a situation that might arise when coming into contact with a dog

The duration of the course is 3 hours with a maximum of 25 delegates per course.





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